About Us

Boston is elderly and smart, with two blown out knees. 
Daisy is a goofy clown who loves to run.

The challenge has been figuring out how to give them the exercise and energy outlets they each need. Toys are destroyed in minutes. But I noticed that beef bones last for several days or weeks and keep them both busy for long stretches of time. My dogs are always excited to receive one. And the bones are a good distraction from thunderstorms and other irritants.

I've tried shelf stable chews and bones from pet stores. But most of them have an odd chemical smell. Boston (who will eat nearly anything) won't touch them. And I'm just not sure what that chemical smell is from.  

Knowing I couldn't be the only one with this problem, I decided to find a way to offer good, fresh, chemical free, non-splintering beef bones! I'm still trying to figure out shipping for the raw bones. But meanwhile, there are plenty of lightly smoked bones. 

When you give a Busybonz bone you can rest assured that you're giving your fur baby something real and wonderful.  And that's something you can tell as soon as you open the package!  I hope your fur-children will enjoy these bones as much as mine do!